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GSM/3G network scrambler equipment

In order to shield the area where you need signal shielding, it is important to choose the correct type of mobile phone signal jammer. The signal frequency band is different in each place, and the interception range of different jammers is different. Therefore, you need to evaluate your interception band and required coverage in order to choose the gsm jammer that suits you.

When signal shielding is required, a GSM/3G network scrambler equipment can be used. When protecting the signal from the base station, the cell phone signal blocker will not affect other electronic products. It creates a state of no access and no network. A cellular jammer is a multi-channel type used for communication signals of different channels. For different frequency ranges, mobile phone communication includes different channels, and each channel can be used as BCH. Moreover, the MSC will decide which channels or channels to use as the BCH based on the channel distribution in the network area. Based on cellular jammers and communication technology, there must be an appropriate frequency difference to avoid interference.

Signal jammers are even used in universities, schools, government agencies and prisons. Blocking conversations in these places will certainly not be a distraction. In terms of the contract, the defendant and the student cannot cheat by contacting others or the outside world. Therefore, the advantages of using mobile phone scramblers are huge. It has become a mandatory addition to high-security areas such as detention centers and prisons. It can prevent illegal communication between visitors and prisoners. Today, it is even used in places such as libraries and movie theaters. As a result, the use of jammers can help maintain a quiet atmosphere, prevent cheating and improve safety. Remember, signal jammers are not designed to harm or harm the public. They give people peace and peace.

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