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Gsm internet disruptor device

GSM also supports indoor coverage. The power from the outdoor antenna can be distributed to the indoor antenna distribution system through the power divider. This is a typical layout design to meet the needs of high-density home phones commonly found in shopping malls and airports. Indoor coverage can also be achieved through wireless signals in buildings, but this can improve signal quality to reduce interference and echo.

When buying a gsm scrambler, you must understand your needs. For example, in addition to the gsm network, you must protect the signal type, and if necessary, protect the 3G and 4G network frequency bands. In this way, we can buy a cell phone blocker that protects all the signals of the cell phone. In addition, we have purchased electronic jamming equipment, and we must consider where we use it. Portable jammers make us easier to use indoors and outdoors, while desktop jammers utilize several antenna designs. As the name suggests, they will have a wider range of uses, not only for individuals, but also widely used in prisons, courts,

For personal use, I recommend using a portable 4-antenna GSM jammer. No matter where you are, it is sufficient to meet your needs and provide you with a quiet reading environment. For large enterprises or organizations, a powerful multi-antenna desktop jammer will be your better choice. In terms of function and interference radius, it is very important and is considered sufficient for large-scale applications.