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How to reduce the WIFI signal?

Sikkjy Lorry October 2022

Children at home use mobile phones or other electronic devices to play games after school. Is there any way to reduce the wifi signal and keep children away from the Internet?

jammer-mart forums

Jammer-Mart October 2022

1. Increase the distance and physical obstacles between the mobile phone and the WiFi router to weaken the transmission and reception of WiFi signals. 2. There are certain sources of radio interference around the WiFi router or the mobile phone, which will also affect the transmission quality of the wireless signal between the mobile phone, etc. and the WiFi router. 3. Log in to the web background of the WiFi router and artificially lower the transmit power of the WiFi signal. 4. Place the WiFi device in an environment covered by metal materials to block WiFi signals. 5. Using a wifi jammer can help you quickly reduce the wifi signal and prevent excessive use of the wifi network.