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GSM jammer prevents students from using phones during class

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

This new system is very simple. Just activate the gsm jammer switch and approach the driver getting off. When leaving the car, the driver plans to lock the car with an electronic key. However, this key is no longer available for jammers.

Although the phone ’s signal jamming device is illegal, bus drivers are not the only ones trying to silence people with jammers. The FCC has investigated the use of GSM jammers in schools and theaters. Some administrators seem to believe that the gsm signal blocker is an easy way to prevent students from using their phones during class hours. Cell phone jammers are popular in theaters to prevent people from using the show during the show.

"While some people using jammers think they can only mute loud calls or disable unnecessary GPS tracking, they can also prevent scared teens from calling 911, seniors making emergency calls to doctors or they are looking for someone who is seriously injured Location, "Ellison said. "The price of a moment of peace or privacy for one person is likely to be the safety and well-being of others."

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