What is the difference between Lojack tracking and GPS tracking?

When you feel like you are being followed by other people, but you don't know if it is GPS tracking or Lojack tracking. You should think about it seriously.

Asked at 15:41 am on November 06

Dreimiller Joseph



Hello, I am upset that you are being followed. When you find yourself being followed, you must first remain calm, properly analyze the source and purpose of the follow-up, and then take appropriate action. You said maybe you want to use high tech tracking equipment, so you also need to use high tech tracking equipment. If it is GPS tracking, you can use a GPS jammer to solve it, but the GPS blocking equipment will interfere with the GPS signals. If there is no other signal shielding, you can prevent GPS tracking. And, if it is a Lojack call, a corresponding Lojack Jammer may be required.

Answered at 10:30 am on November 07



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