What are the advantages of the most popular 8-wire jammer?

Why are 8-wire jammers so popular, and what makes everyone like them so much?

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This jammer is one of the most popular products on our website, equipped with 8 powerful antennas, with a shielding radius of up to 40 meters, depending on the signal strength in a given area. It can prevent being included in this range.

The compact jammer can provide 4W power and is equipped with 8 powerful antennas. The maximum shielding range is 20 meters, depending on the signal strength in a given area. It will effectively block all specified signal frequencies, including WiFi 3G GSM and Bluetooth. In addition to excellent interference and versatility, the device also has optional interference settings. The user can close any tape without affecting other tape operations. In addition, users will not need to use only the uplink with all TX frequency coverage links. It also does not interfere with the uplink signal.
If you are looking for such jammers for better use in classrooms, churches, temples, gas stations, bus stations and other public places, these 5 GSM 3G wifi jammer frequency bands are your best choice.

The design and cooling system of the jammer is very small, with a built-in fan, which can be automatically cooled for normal operation. Another big advantage of this mobile jammer is that you can turn on or off any frequency band without affecting the operation of other frequency bands. In addition, because the device has a DC12V car charger, it can be used directly in the car, which is very convenient for people who want to use it in the car.

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