I want a portable jammer that can block WiFi. Any good suggestions?

I want a jammer that can shield various signals, or a signal that can be individually shielded, preferably handheld. Any good suggestions?

Asked at 15:40 am on September 15

Bogar Kevin



This is completely achievable, and we have an adjustable portable jammer that can protect WiFi signals individually without affecting the use of other GSM 3G 4G signals. In order to better meet your needs, I will recommend a handheld signal jammer. The jammer has a built-in antenna. Portable handheld devices are very convenient, with a shielding radius of up to 10 meters. Convenient, as long as it is fully charged, it can be used for a long time, and it can be used anywhere. This is a good choice.

Answered at 10:10 am on September 16



In large exams, do they use jammers to block cell phone signals?
What frequency bands does WiFi have? I want to buy a jammer to intercept WiFi signals at home