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High power wifi interceptor

Phones in modern society are ubiquitous, so when we need to rest in many places, we suddenly think of ringtones that will affect our thinking. We cannot stop this behavior face to face, because it is very impolite not to choose a high-performance wifi jammer. Feel free to use it for your own services, either to keep quiet in a harsh environment or to use it with permission, the principle is actually simple: in the mobile phone area, the mobile phone's receiving capacity has been enhanced, and Not in quiet areas.

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5 Bands High Power Desktop Mobile Phone WiFi Signal Jammers Adjustable

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4 Bands Mini Portable Aerial Drone Jammer Blocks Signals


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In order to monitor cell phone activity in a given area, an established configuration is designed. It is like building a fence. However, instead of placing messages and fences at a physical border, communications control equipment is deployed. Options can include a managed access feature where cellular communications can be allowed and denied based on operator authorization.

There are other options for deploying cell phone jamming equipment in many buildings or areas. These cell jamming units can deny access to a large number of cell phones at any time in a group of separate buildings or a complex of hallways, conference rooms, many small offices and private rooms.

These cellular wifi jammers are continuously controlled by a central administrator who can allow or prohibit cellular communications. These cellular jammers are connected via a CAN (Controller Area Network) in a local area network and managed by a central base station (CBS). The intelligent jamming system controls everything from detection to alerting, where and when an individual cell phone tries to establish a call, blocks calls.

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8 Bands Portable Wireless Signal Jammers Block GSM 3G 4G WiFi GPS Lojack Frequency

It is a also can block a variety of signals of handheld wireless signal jammer device, in addition to the shielding common wifi wireless transmission, it can also block cell phone signals, GPS and lojack frequency tracking, disturbance radius up to 30 meters.

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