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It's not just power that affects jammer coverage

Admin Posted on 2020-10-16

Here, we will discuss the working range of jammers, which is one of the most controversial topics in the field of jammer equipment, and is also a concern for most customers.

We know that each interference device has a different blocking range. Generally, the higher the power, the longer the interference radius. The higher the power, the larger the size of the jammers, and they also require cooling systems. This is why desktop jammers usually have a greater range of interference than portable jammer. Therefore, before buying a jammer, you need to determine the type of jammer required and the range of interference required. Both should be taken into account, and then you can get what you want.

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The second factor is the interference of local signal strength, or the distance from the signal tower. The closer the telephone signal tower, the stronger the telephone signal, and the worse the interference effect. If the local equipment is near the signal tower, the gsm jammer may not work, because usually, the power of the mobile tower is much greater than the jammer power. We also emphasize that if low-power jammers are used to block high-power devices, such as high-power Bluetooth wireless routers, they may not work properly.

Finally, this is the local environment. Different environmental interference effects are also different. The interference range in open areas will be larger than in places with more buildings. This is why the measured interference radius is usually better than the actual range. Because the test is in an open place. Since the signal may be blocked/interfered by the stone wall, the grid forms a Faraday cage (including "fake" lead windows) and metal such as tin foil insulators, so the reliability of the jammer in the indoor coverage area is poor. In other words, if you use a jammer indoors, the glass may block the signal due to the wall, and you may not be able to interfere with the signal in another room.

Initially, when the jammer is manufactured, it will be tested. There are many necessary tests, such as battery life, transmission frequency, etc., including testing the interference radius. Manufacturers always believe that the test results are more effective than the actual range, because these devices are often tested in open areas. You know that buildings and different concrete structures can hinder the transmission of signals. Most of us live in big cities and we are surrounded by high-rise buildings. The signal strength of the local mobile phone is also an influencing factor. Therefore, if the interfering device cannot block the phone within 30 meters of you, you don't have to be surprised.

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