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Surveillance Technology Is More Developed Than You Think

Admin Posted on 2020-10-16

Inspired by the well-known terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, modern surveillance has become an even more important technique for seeking to defend people against possible terrorist actions, or for suppressing dissident actions. And there is no shortage of companies eager to provide the mechanism that will secure those jobs for sure.

Many of these tech companies have tools that allow governments to easily hack into individual mobile phones and computers, as well as powerful electronic interception equipment capable of recording all active Internet communications across the country. beware of cybercriminals. The Wall Street Journal. The documents, some 200 documents from more than 36 different organizations, were obtained by people who attended the secret security conference held last month.

Many of these technologies demonstrated at the conference relate to monitoring huge volumes of information. One business has massively selected or captured tens of thousands of synchronous conversations from landlines and cell phone networks. The other characterizes how it helped China's first mobile operator to monitor the country's mobile phone internet content and applications in real time. The retail market for annual surveillance tools has swelled from next to nothing in 2001 to all-time $ 5 billion this year, the Journal reported, citing information from TeleStrategies, the conference operator. Organizations operating in this industry claim that their wares are designed to capture criminals and are made only to be sold to government and law enforcement agencies.

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Nonetheless, some international companies are finding that they are receiving unwanted attention because of recent business activity. Cisco Systems began to feel the unpleasant effects of the lawsuit filed earlier this year, accusing the tech company of providing and helping to maintain a massive surveillance system that allows Chinese authorities to easily track and censor all internet activity. of a spiritual group. Cisco officials dismissed all charges and claimed that Cisco sells the same legal equipment in China that it sells in other countries around the world, in accordance with US government laws and regulations.

As you can see, if Cisco sells the same equipment to the world, then American citizens might be in the same danger as the Chinese. In fact, we already are. So, protect yourself by using anti surveillance 4g cell phone jammer and make sure no one is watching you. And, of course, your comments are welcome here!

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