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What is the difference between high-power/intelligent wifi jammer?

Nisjahx August 2022

Many people have asked, what is the essential difference between high-power wifi jammers and smart jammers?

jammer-mart forums

Jammer-Mart August 2022

Smart wifi jammer:

Do not interfere with the base station: Since the wifi jammer device adopts passive shielding.the transmitted interference signal is a K-level signal (traditional shielding is generally M-level), plus advanced time division synchronization technology (complementary to the base station signal, the base station signal has breakpoints, The time-division technology screen turns on when the base station signal breaks.)

Intelligent self-organizing network: The system is equipped with an intelligent processing unit, and multiple devices can work together to perfectly realize the automatic networking function and adapt to various complex environments. The intelligent public network signal control system has no conflict with the existing network signals.

Remote monitoring: power failure alarm, antenna feeder alarm, module abnormal alarm, line abnormal alarm, illegal opening of the chassis alarm, remote control of equipment on/off, frequency and power adjustment, and equipment self-check.