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How to choose and buy signal jammer products

Admin Posted on 2019-12-18

The prison jammer can block all mobile phone signals in the prison. Whether it is a GSM 3G 4G mobile phone signal or a GPS WiFi band, it needs to be shielded. This type of signal interference device generally has a relatively large power, and the output power is even as high as 100W. It also supports multiple frequency band interception.When you open a certain frequency band independently, it will not affect other frequency bands. This is an important device in prison to prevent multiple signals.

For those who are new to signal jammer, how to choose an interference product is very difficult. For example, for our most commonly used GPS jammers for shielding tracking equipment, you can follow the rule of thumb for the price of GPS signal shields: the wider the shielding range, the more interference frequency bands, the higher the price.

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Ordinary signal jammers can generally shield a range of 2-20 meters, while some high-end types of jammers, such as drone jammers used to block drones, can effectively shield GPS signals and WiFi frequency bands, blocking the range It can even reach 5 kilometers. Undoubtedly, such high-quality jammers are much more expensive than ordinary jammers.

In addition to price, we need to consider other aspects when buying and using, including structure and durability, expiration date, etc. If you want to install a WiFi jammer device in a large outdoor area, you must pay more for a high-end type with a waterproof design. At the same time, the interference range depends on the environment, such as the distance from the base station and the installation location.

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