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Satellite signal jammer and TV signal jammer

Admin Posted on 2020-11-18

In order to ensure national security and social stability, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, the Office of Comprehensive Management of Public Security, and the General Administration of Customs have recently joined forces on strengthening the management and rectification of illegal production, sales, and installation of satellite TV reception facilities, promoting comprehensive management and joint law enforcement. A dedicated deployment. Radio and television departments at all levels required to increase the investigation and punishment of illegal use of satellite antennas in accordance with the spirit of the "Working Conference on Strengthening Illegal Production, Sales and Installation of Satellite Reception Facilities". However, the phenomenon of illegal sales and installation of satellite TV receiving facilities continues to spread after repeated prohibitions and become more and more intense. Directly undermining the normal order of cable TV operations, leading to a decline in the rate of household entry of cable TV stations across the country. In response to this phenomenon and situation, our company has developed a satellite signal jammer to make the satellite receiving antenna in a certain area lose its receiving ability. In order to prohibit illegal reception and use of satellite antennas.

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1. Principle: After the antenna is aligned with the satellite, only weak signal strength is needed to watch TV programs. If we add a signal receiver with the same frequency to the surface of the antenna, it will not work properly
2. Technical indicators: Transmitting power and interference distance C-band 10W interference 5-8 kilometers 20W interference 8-15 kilometers KU-band 10W 3-5 kilometers. Interference effect: black screen, static picture or Masek phenomenon.
3. Installation method After connecting the antenna to the host, power on and aim the antenna at the interference area. The higher the installation height, the better the effect is not less than 30 meters.
Fourth, product features: imported original power amplifier tube, channel part all solid-state modularization, all components are installed on the microstrip ceramic substrate to make the performance stable, reliable and long working life. Using PLL oscillator source, high frequency stability. The signal modulation uses a dedicated IC integrated block, the modulation quality is good and the consistency and reliability are high. The core components are all imported with original packaging, with high technical indicators and stability.

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