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Business Opportunities of 5G Mobile Phone Signals

Admin Posted on 2020-11-18

Today is an era of 5G, and people’s demands for the network are getting higher and higher. Mobile phones are a ubiquitous network product. However, solving network leaks has become a top priority. For example, some controlled personnel in school prisons and detention centers use illegal mobile phones to endanger normal order, and various security institutions such as banknote printing factories, confidential rooms, etc., because of the hidden dangers of using mobile phones, we need our mobile phone jammers to prevent them. The mobile phone jammer is not only aimed at smart network products that have been carefully developed based on the domestic mobile communication situation, it can internally block GSM/CDMA/DCS/PHS/PCS mobile phone signals so that mobile phones in the area cannot make and receive calls and will not interfere with other electronics in the environment. The equipment works. When the mobile phone is far away from the shielding range, normal use can be restored. Therefore, the mobile phone signal device is an indispensable security measure in the future Internet era. There is a great market demand. How to ensure our confidentiality in the Internet age still requires mobile phone signal jammers. The market prospects of cell phone jammer in the future are very promising.

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The above three solutions are also applicable in the new process of 5C. In particular, the two methods of 1.2 have a certain cost advantage in the currently widely adopted bidding procurement model, and this advantage is of great significance to ensure that customers are not poached by other brands at low prices. Of course, from the effect point of view, the failure rate of completely replaced instruments is lower, and the reliability and electromagnetic compatibility are better. In fact, the most important method is to launch a 5C mobile phone signal jammer faster than others. According to statistics, the price of the 4C mobile phone signal jammer was three times that of 3G when it was just launched in 1688, and only one manufacturer had it. Of course, the exclusive business is good to dominate and can be used freely. Of course, there is a more interesting plan, which is to sell on behalf of rent. Because the mobile phone signal interferes with the actual use of the equipment, the use time is limited and the use time is very fixed. It is possible to take the equipment rental service that integrates storage, transportation and maintenance. However, this requires more and greater investment from manufacturers, and must also establish long-term cooperative relationships with relevant units. The entry barrier is very high and does not apply to most manufacturers. After all, the initial investment required is huge and there are certain risks.

With the rapid advancement of technology, the next big vent of mobile phone signal interference devices will soon come. In this process, how to give full play to the existing market advantages and make good use of technological advantages is worthy of in-depth research by manufacturers.

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