Telematics to monitor user speed?

I have a question about the telematics stuck on the company van. I recently got a new work van and was told it has telematics to monitor user speed, rest time and other driving habits. Wait. What I want to know is if I am crashing the system. If it is monitored, how will it be displayed? Is the location still correct? I work near London and want to know if there is an effect on them seeing me in the staging area without causing interference. Do I plan to purchase jamming equipment? Good idea?

Asked at 15:51 am on November 09

Zahid Owais



Thanks for your question. We have provided you with some tips on this. Of course, if you want to interfere with the tracking system, it will be monitored by your business. The signal will disappear. However, this situation occurs often and the reason may be poor signal from the artificial satellite. Hence, you can block the truck tracking system without worrying. Here is an article with more detailed information about it. GPS jammer may interfere with your tracking system, but we recommend that you purchase a multi-band mobile phone jammer, which is more powerful and may interfere with mobile phone signals as well.

Answered at 10:00 am on November 10



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