What is the penetration ability of interference signals?

Hi buddy! The jammer is obvious to me. The interference range is the largest in the wild, but what about buildings, urban areas or cars? Will this signal pierce?

Asked at 18:41 am on September 01

Upson Leta



Hi! Under the conditions that we need quietly, such as reading books, listening to music, watching TV, teachers in school, in libraries and many other environments, under appropriate circumstances, intercepting telephone signals is the best method. Under many other conditions, it is also necessary to reduce other populations, which is why more and more new advanced signal jammer designs have been invented.

The signal output by any particular interference device is only the same radio signal as other devices. Therefore, the behavior of this radio signal will also be the same as other behaviors. Depending on the surrounding area and surrounding things (such as houses, vehicles) and the materials of these things, the signal will be different. All of this will affect the interference radius of the signal jammer, no matter which frequency it blocks.

It is very important to consider where you use the selected jammer and keep in mind the difference in signal power at each location. So please try it yourself and see the penetration ability of interference signals!

Answered at 10:50 am on September 02



What is a 5G jammer? Can it block those signals?
The jammer emits a frequency band to block the microphone on the connected speaker