Is there a light on the jammer?

Hello everyone Some people may think this is not very important, but I want to know: Does the signal jammer have some kind of indicator that shows its working process?

Asked at 20:10 am on July 25

Tony Jarfery



By asking this question, you have made the right choice! When choosing a future jammer, there is no such thing as an "unimportant" problem, you can buy it and use it to solve the problem. As for the indicator, most jammers have at least one indicator that the signal jammer is powered and functioning. But there are more.

Signal alarm jammers like these have two LEDs which respectively indicate working and charging operations. There are other types of indicators, such as this signal jammer. These lights are located on top of the jammer and are separated according to the locked band currently in operation. Therefore, their prophets were also inspired.

Therefore, when choosing a signal jammer, please check the required indicator carefully.

Answered at 10:00 am on July 27



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