Is the jammer blocking one frequency or multiple bands simultaneously?

Hello everyone! I don't have a lot of knowledge about jammers so I want to know how they work - do they only block a single band of frequencies or a little at the same time?

Asked at 14:52 am on June 23

Tounkara Mama



When the electronic jamming device industry just started to develop, signal jammer were used to block out a single band of frequencies. Later, as these useful jamming devices evolved, more and more frequency bands were added to the list and new types of jammers were developed and manufactured. They had few antennas and therefore could block few signals at a time.

The most popular combinations of blocked frequency ranges are those of a band, for example GSM frequencies such as GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800 and GSM1900 are no longer blocked separately but together and by means of a signal jammer. Yet, more and more frequencies are added to the jamming list and have created new types of jammers like WiFi / Bluetooth / 3G / GSM jammer, 4G / LoJack / XM radio jammer or even multi-frequency desktop jammer. the purchase.

As you can see, modern technologies are not standing still and are constantly advancing to provide us with awesome new features.

Answered at 10:40 am on June 21



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