Can car jammers block bombs?

How does the Secret Service prevent someone from simply detonating a missile on the president's car? I don't think armor or a signal jammer would stop a missile.

Asked at 13:42 am on July 15




Missiles are not magical sprite dust. A Sagger anti-tank guided missile with a warhead comparable to an RPG-7 would struggle to defeat the current generation MBTs.

The President's limousine may vaguely resemble a car gps jammer, but rest assured that all of the technology used to protect MBTs would have been on the table and available when they were designed and built.

The other aspect is of course that the missile never launched is a priori defeated. The Secret Service would not be stupid enough to depend solely on the armor or countermeasures of the Presidential limousine to protect the President. Anyone setting up a launcher for an ATGM on President's Road would become extremely popular very quickly.

Answered at 14:30 am on July 19



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