16 Antenna Portable 4G/3G/2G +WiFi2.4G/5G+ GPSL1-L5 RC433 315 868MHZ Signal Jammers

portable jammer
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Date:2021-01-12 Olsen Robin

I bought this jammer a week ago. I chose it because it provides me with a wide range of interference frequencies, so I never need to lose face. It is powerful and portable, and can store anything I want. Actually, I need a simple GSM encryptor, but I bought this jammer and now I use it for GPS jamming and free wi-fi.


This is my first time to buy jammers and I really very appreciate your help.Like this store so much and the products quality here is so high,I would like to order more.


It can block all mobile phone signals, LOJACK GPS, Wi-Fi, RF signals in 16 frequency bands, and tested after receiving the jammer, everything is fine. Very fast shipping, will order again.


This new jammer surprised me. Actually, this is what I officially need, 16 antennas, and it is handheld.


As employees spend too much time playing mobile phones in the bathroom, I installed them in the factory, which is three times more efficient than before.