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Portable CDMA / GSM DCS / PCS 3g 4g 4G LTE GPS Lojack WiFi Jammer

handheld cell phone jammer
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Date:2021-01-12 Alexandra

I appreciate such a well-built product. It works exactly as advertised and the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the side switches are a bit small. You have to use a pen or the tip of your fingernail to turn the different channels on or off, but this is a minor problem. Good product!


I really like this jammer. From there I can enjoy the quiet life and the privacy. Nothing better than that!


This is a very efficient device, portable and practical, with antennas. Whether I'm on a train, in a movie theater, or anywhere else where the use of a cell phone is prohibited, the mobile phone owner will be surprised to find that their cell phone is out of network within 10 to 15 seconds after turning on the cell phone jammer.


This jammer is a great tool. Very reliable, and will interfere with GPS navigation and mobile phone signals, with good jamming range and a long service life. I tied it to a belt and let myself work easily.