Is there any Jammer which can cut off CDMA DCS PCS GSM 3G 4G WiFi phone signal at the same time?

I need a powerful multi-function mobile phone jammer, the protection distance is less than 20 meters, and it is convenient to carry ~ Is there any recommendation?

Asked at 10:48 am on August 11




Our versatile and powerful Jammer can meet your needs. More than one choice, you can block CDMA DCS PCS GSM 3G 4G WIFI signal and so on at the same time. One in all and one for all, you can best buy a high power device according to your needs. GSM Signal Jammer is suitable for use in school examination rooms, prisons, clubs, libraries, theaters, ministries, personal use, etc.
Different countries may need different models of such jamming devices. What you need to do is just check your local frequency when you decide to buy. A mini or a powerful mighty depends on your own need. We make sure you find the right size for your jamming life.

Answered at 14:30 am on August 12



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