Can you jammer wireless credit card machines?

Wireless credit card machines use GPRS signals for their work. The GPRS wireless frequency band is part of the frequency range of the cell phone and can operate in the GSM, 3G, CDMA and other frequency ranges. So if you want to successfully block the wireless credit card machines from working, you can use any 3G / GSM jammer, depending on your preference.

Asked at 15:41 am on August 20

JR Rooney



Nevertheless, if you want to block the work of any wireless credit card device without blocking the work of your cell phone, there are several ways you can achieve it. First, you can use advanced 4G smartphone because GSM and 3G signal blocker cannot block 4G frequency. But if you have a more ordinary cell phone, the only way to jam wireless credit card machines without blocking your own cell phone is to find out the working frequency of the wireless credit card machine you want to block and to order -programmed in it.

Although this type of signal jammer is mainly intended for indoor use as a fixed desktop 4G jammer, you can use it any way in your bag, it can only fit in your pocket. But it has enough power to effortlessly handle the wireless credit card machine, and not just with it.

Answered at 10:30 am on August 22



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